Kickstarter success Lima ships its thousandth backer and accelerates shipping pace

22 MAY 2015

Lima announces it has now shipped its first 1000 devices to Kickstarter backers from all around the world. Lima is a disruptive technology that radically changes the way our devices operate to make them all have the same files by default.

The project was originally financed on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, where it reached its funding goal in less than 12 hours. Lima eventually raised $1.2M thanks to 12,840 backers. In 2015, it received two CES Innovation Awards, both in Software and Mobile Apps, and in Computer Accessories.

Lima’s CEO surprised the thousandth backer, Thomas C., by waiting for him at the bottom of his building to personally give him his Lima device yesterday morning.

The thousandth backer said he couldn’t wait to test and went back to his home to unpack and install his Lima device before going to work.

A total of 1000 backers are currently testing Lima, with very positive feedback.

Driven by this success, the company continues the progressive rollout of its software in Beta. Lima is currently shipping at a rate of 1 backer every 30 min, which will continue to accelerate progressively during the Beta process.

"I've been beta-testing the Lima and I love it! Having access to the same photos, video, music and documents is so valuable. And I can't believe how fast syncing is - it's magical." Dave H, Kickstarter Backer
"The packaging on the beta Lima device was very Apple-esque. The 'experience of owning' was very well thought out and virtually all companies should strive to match it." John C B, Kickstarter Backer
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Download PDF
About Lima

Lima is a revolutionary technology that enables you to build your own personal Cloud in seconds.

Composed of a smart hardware adapter and a multi-platform app, Lima enables users to easily and seamlessly access their digital library from all of their devices, wherever they are.

Enjoy terabytes of files, coming straight from your home.

For more information, visit and meet them on Facebook and on Twitter