First Batch of Lima Ultra Devices Sold Out in 4 Hours

Lima Ultra, the device that enables you to build your Personal Cloud in seconds, sells out first batch in 4 hours!

FR/US company Lima Technology announced yesterday the release of its new product, Lima Ultra. Lima Ultra is a device that enables anyone to build a Personal Cloud very easily. 4 hours after announcing the new product, the first batch of Lima Ultra devices was sold out, outpacing the rhythm of its million-dollar Kickstarter campaign for first product Lima Original.

FR/US company Lima Technology announced yesterday the release of its new product, Lima Ultra. Lima Ultra is a device that enables anyone to build a Personal Cloud very easily. Only 4 hours after taking orders, the first batch of devices was sold out. The next batch is now on sale, which will ship in 6-8 weeks (early 2017).

The promise of the Cloud, with the privacy of your Home

"A lot of people love the promise of the Cloud -- accessing your content from anywhere -, but won't use Cloud solutions to their full potential because of privacy concerns." explains Severin MARCOMBES, CEO of the company. "With Lima Ultra, we've built a product for them."

Like the Cloud, Lima Ultra enables you to access your personal content from anywhere in the World, from any of your devices: computer, tablet or smartphone.

But there's one big difference: instead of being stored on servers in the Cloud, your personal content is stored safely at your Home, on a USB hard drive.

"Setup is deceptively simple", explains Penelope LIOT, VP Marketing. Users only need to connect the Lima Ultra device to their Internet at Home, and to plug a USB hard drive to it to store their content.

The content of their drive is then available from anywhere via the Lima app, even when outside Home.

From biggest Kickstarter project to world-class company

Lima Ultra is the 2d generation product of Lima Technology.

Lima Technology held the record of European Hardware campaigns on Kickstarter, thanks to its $1.2M crowdfunding success for its first product Lima Original. The company has since sold 60 000 first-generation devices and won 4 CES Innovation Awards.

By selling out the first batch in 4 hours, Lima Ultra outpaces the rhythm of the Kickstarter campaign of the Lima Original.

More performance, faster transfers, ideal for HD and 4K video streaming

"We wanted to distill the best of our Lima Original product and to transform it into a better, more powerful offering." explains Séverin MARCOMBES. With a Quad-Core CPU cadenced at 1.5GHz, the Lima Ultra is 40x more powerful than Lima Original. That makes it the most powerful offer on the Personal Cloud market.

"The result is mind-boggling.", adds the CEO. "This increase in performance enables Lima Ultra to bring an even more comfortable & reactive experience to users."

The device is particularly adapted to users with a lot of files & folders, or to users willing to watch 4K movies in streaming from their Lima device.

Compared to Lima Original, Lima Ultra enables a faster access to files, faster synchronization between the user devices and up to 16x improvement in transfer speed. "To give you an example, it takes 30 seconds to transfer a movie to Lima Ultra, instead of 8 full minutes to do the same thing with the Lima Original" completes Penelope LIOT.

Pricing & Availability

The Lima Ultra is available for purchase from the website The first batch that was shipping in December is now sold out. Second batch ships in early January. Limited quantities.

The device is priced at $129 and is available in 25 countries.

Availability in stores is expected in Q1 2017.

“We just love when users tell us that they’re relieved and feel safe knowing that their personal files sits in their home and not on remote servers in the Cloud. We are now ready to bring that feeling to the masses. That's the mission of Lima Ultra.” says Severin MARCOMBES.

Lima is device-agnostic technology that works with Mac, Windows, Linux, Android and iOS.

Product review for Lima Ultra on request: [email protected]

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About Lima

Lima is a revolutionary technology that enables you to build your own personal Cloud in seconds.

Composed of a smart hardware adapter and a multi-platform app, Lima enables users to easily and seamlessly access their digital library from all of their devices, wherever they are.

Enjoy terabytes of files, coming straight from your home.

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