Design Meets Smart Home Suite at CES 2017

Lima and 6 innovative companies to host a curated collection of products designed to showcase the future of the home

Lima will unveil the new Lima Ultra at CES 2017 in the Smart Home Suite, an in situ experience to showcase the future of the Connected Home.

January 3rd - 5th, 2017 | MGM Grand Hotel

In 2017, smart home no longer extends only to smart devices such as thermostats, speakers or light bulbs. Technology for the home now encompasses entire smart experiences - empowering humans during any number of daily activities or tasks from cooking to art collecting.

For CES 2017, the Design Meets Smart Home Suite will be open from January 3rd-5th at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas. The suite will showcase a curated collection of products from seven companies leading the conversation about the future of the home. Join us to see the future in a suite with all the comforts of smart home.

The full list of exhibiting companies includes:

· Lima unveils Lima Ultra, the First Plug’n'Play Personal Cloud. It stores your files at home on your hard drive and makes them available on all your devices remotely. For the first time, home is not only a safe place for your physical possessions - but your digital ones as well.

· MuuseLabs is a family tech and media IoT company. Jooki, its first product, is an award-winning, figurine-controlled WiFi speaker that enhances play and develops children’s independence and imagination, away from screens.

· Smart Nora develops consumer technologies for better sleep. Smart Nora’s debut product is the world’s first smart, contact-free, snoring solution, now in thousands of bedrooms around the world.

· Senic’s first product Nuimo, is a wireless controller, giving you instant access for your music, lighting and more. Nuimo is a Red Dot award-winning product, manufactured entirely in Germany.

· Kiën Licht 1: The smart pendant lamp that increases your well-being and productivity while saving 80% in running energy expenses. Licht 1 ensures highest production quality, is locally manufactured in Germany, and is available in three different sizes, three different materials and seven finishes.

· Meural is a digital canvas that allows you to stream art straight to your wall—whether that’s classic paintings, photography or digital art. You can control it with Meural’s website, mobile app, or the swipe of your hand.

· Lockitron Bolt is the first $99 smartphone connected door lock that lets you share access with family and friends on a temporary or permanent basis. It’s shipping today and integrates with other devices and services like the Ring doorbell and IFTTT.

To visit the suite, go to or contact Alex Onaindia at [email protected] or 407-488-2466.

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About Lima

Lima is a revolutionary technology that enables you to build your own personal Cloud in seconds.

Composed of a smart hardware adapter and a multi-platform app, Lima enables users to easily and seamlessly access their digital library from all of their devices, wherever they are.

Enjoy terabytes of files, coming straight from your home.

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