Lima ships its first devices to 100 beta testers


Lima announced today that it has reached a major milestone by shipping a hundred devices to its Kickstarter backers. Backers from all around the world have started beta testing the product on Monday, 12 January.

Made up of a hardware adapter and a multi-platform app, Lima is a revolutionary technology that enables users to have exactly the same files on their smartphone, computer and tablet regardless of their OS or storage capacity. Lima was initially launched on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, where it reached it’s funding goal in less than 12 hours. The project eventually reached $1.2 million of funding, thanks to the support of 12,840 backers.

Lima’s first large scale shipment is a major step towards the future of synchronization of all our devices. After initial delays due to the complexity of the R&D behind Lima’s project, Lima’s software is finally ready to be tested and trialed in real life environment by its earliest supporters that helped the project come to life. The first beta testers have received an early version of Lima, named the Pioneer Kit, which confines Lima’s technology to a stable testing environment. The beta program is expected to grow in the coming weeks and will eventually lead to a general shipping for all backers once the software is proven to be stable enough.

Severin Marcombes just got back from the CES in Las Vegas where Lima won CES Innovation Awards in two categories, Computer Accessories and Software and Mobile Apps, highlighting the dual nature of the product.

"This is an enormous step for us. After months and months of development, knowing the first Lima devices are out in the world living with our Pioneer backers is incredible. All of our efforts are now focused on getting feedback and debugging software. We are proud to have reached the point where we can prove that our technology is able to disrupt the 20 year old industry of file storage. Users can finally breathe: we’re on the verge of freeing them from the Cloud and all the impediments that came with it. " CEO and co-founder Severin Marcombes
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About Lima

Lima is a revolutionary technology that enables you to build your own personal Cloud in seconds.

Composed of a smart hardware adapter and a multi-platform app, Lima enables users to easily and seamlessly access their digital library from all of their devices, wherever they are.

Enjoy terabytes of files, coming straight from your home.

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